Space Advocacy

In my dearMoon application I was asked how my work would change should I be one of the few lucky folks travelling with Yusaku Maezawa to the moon. I would probably take the concept of developer advocacy and apply it to space. Here's what I answered for your reading pleasure:

Space advocates are people who live and breathe all things space. They have a healthy disrespect for the impossible, always pushing the envelope on what is barely realistic but will soon be seen as a commodity. Unlike visionaries, space advocates remain strongly connected to everyday people's reality. They complement visionaries by translating their ideas to tangible, soon-to-be-widely-available manifestations of a space-driven future. Space advocates are the explainers of unlocking the final frontier. They are the influencers serving humanity's extra-planetary future. Space advocates will present their concepts at conferences, educate in hands-on workshops, create content ready to be picked up by schools and plan events on earth and in orbit. Space advocates bridge the gap between humanity and its even brighter future. A future unlocked by tackling the final frontier.

I imagine government and space agencies, privately funded companies and generous stakeholders all employing space advocates in the future. Interests in investing in space advocacy will be manifold. Governments and space agencies could seek to include the tax paying public in ambitious multi-national missions funded by them. Companies would want to speed up and scale the adoption of their products and services by bridging the gap between them and their customers. Philanthropic visionaries might want to influence how we all embark on the space endeavour to ensure we do so with respect, humility and sustainability. Space advocates will do the job and ensure no one is left behind.

Space advocates will nurture our collective imagination for all things space. They will rally the critical mass necessary to turn visions into reality. Thanks to space advocacy our future will happen on earth and beyond.