My Path to Site Reliability Management

On my way to space I am currently taking a little stop to help organizing the world’s information and doing my part in making it universally accessible and useful. Since my rocket building talents are limited I devoted my energy to the wonderful challenge of Site Reliability Management (SRM). That is, empowering people on top of Site Reliability Engineering. Basically what I love combined with what I enjoy. Plus meetings.

We have to become a space-faring civilization. I am doing my part!

Due to popular demand (~3 people, basically half my blog readership including crawlers) I have decided to publish a mini series sharing my learnings on the long journey from almost school drop-out to being a Site Reliability Manager at Google.

The idea is to release a new article about every two weeks:

Let the journey begin!

Thank you, Nora, for patiently reviewing the articles in this series!

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