My Path to Site Reliability Management

On my way to space I am currently taking a little stop to help organizing the world’s information and doing my part in making it universally accessible and useful. Since my rocket building talents are limited I devoted my energy to the wonderful challenge of Site Reliability Management (SRM). That is, empowering people on top of Site Reliability Engineering. Basically what I love combined with what I enjoy. Plus meetings.

We have to become a space-faring civilization. I am doing my part!

Due to popular demand (~3 people, basically half my blog readership including crawlers) I have decided to publish a mini series sharing my learnings on the long journey from almost school drop-out to being a Site Reliability Manager at Google.

The idea is to release a new article about every two weeks:

  • Am I even qualified? shall provide just enough context to make sense of the rest of the mini series’ articles. It helps the reader to understand my background when I started educating myself about SRE. It also answers the question that I asked myself the most: Am I really good enough to be an SRE or SRM?
  • I will quickly go over the importance of writing a compact but meaningful resume in Writing my Resume
  • In Organization, Culture, and Me I describe how I learned about Google’s culture and values and how I figured out that it was the right organization for me.
  • I introduce a simple method for learning SRE topics in An Infinite Ocean of Knowledge. It’s about the iterative approach that I used to stay on track with an ever-growing curriculum of relevant topics.
  • For the typical SRM interview types I share examples from my individual curriculum:
    • Phone Screening Preparation
    • Coding Interview Preparation
    • Troubleshooting Interview Preparation
    • Non-abstract Large System Design Interview Preparation
    • Management and Leadership Interview Preparation

Let the journey begin!

Thank you, Nora, for patiently reviewing the articles in this series!

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