A small selection of my projects.


IPv6-Workshop is the name of my book and the accompanying seminar series. It was first published in 2013 and was a category bestseller at Amazon Germany in 2014. Since June 2017, I give the ebook away for free and charge as little as Amazon allows me to for the printed version. My motivation is to help more people understand IPv6 and to speed up migration to the future Internet protocol.

Download the book for free at the IPv6-Workshop project page 🇩🇪.

Nonattached Network, AS57821

We touch running systems!

Nonattached Network Logo

This is a project I started when I was a university student. To better understand the great magic of network engineering I wanted to run a real, operational network by myself. Why? Because of RFC 1925 The Twelve Networking Truths, which in section 2.4 reads:

Some things in life can never be fully appreciated nor understood unless experienced firsthand. Some things in networking can never be fully understood by someone who neither builds commercial networking equipment nor runs an operational network.

Nonattached Network is a small Autonomous System whose raison d’etre is the greater good of educating its participants. We advance Internet technology education by providing a real, operational ISP environment in which young engineers are allowed to experiment and learn from mistakes. Nonattached Network consists of students and young professionals with a passion for hands-on training and real-world network engineering.


The IPv6 ratools framework is a fast, dynamic, multi-threading framework for creating, modifying and sending IPv6 Router Advertisements (RA). I used this project to improve my implementation skills. Porting technology from RFC documents into working code while adhering as strictly as possible to the standard was a nice challenge. Many pizzas got harmed in the creation of this code. It is written in C.

See this 4 minute video to get a brief overview.

IPv6 Stickers

I created these stickers just for fun and printed a couple of thousands to give them away at conferences. Somehow the stickers became very popular and can be found on the laptop computers and network devices of hackers around the world. Every time I see one of the stickers on someone else’s equipment I smile and enjoy the fact that they share my enthusiasm for IPv6.


Feel free to download the files for reprinting, sharing or modification. The files are public domain!

Discontinued Projects

A incomplete list of projects I lost interest in or that are deprecated.