Double Dice Crypto

I heard you like double dice crypto to solve a mystery? Feel free to use my quickly hacked python script below or entrust your data to a third party. Hint You can automate the process much better if you work locally šŸ˜ #!/usr/bin/env python3 print("Roll the dice, Santa!") def encrypt(plain, key): cipher = list(key) for i in range(len(cipher)): cipher[i] += str(i) for i in range(len(plain)): cipher[i % len(key)] += plain[i] cipher = sorted(cipher) for i in range(len(cipher)): cipher[i] = cipher[i][2:] return "".

Test Driving the BMW i3 Electric Car

I was driving the BMW i3 for a week. Here are my thoughts. Please keep in mind that I am looking at the vehicle through my software engineer glasses. This may not be the type of driving report you expect. Overview The car comes with three pre-defined driving modes. Comfort, ECO PRO and ECO PRO+. Using the ECO PRO driving mode, one can sacrifice performance of acceleration and air conditioning for an extended range.

IPv6 Stickers

Just a quick note to everyone interested in my IPv6 stickers. I uploaded the source files (see projects). Feel free to use, reprint or build upon!

Boot time unlocking of encrypted disk via IPv6 SSH (Debian 8 Jessie)

Sometimes I have to deploy servers that require full disk encryption (FDE). Either for compliance reasons or just because I do not fully trust the data center they end up in. Unlocking FDE means interfacing with the machine at boot time. This, however, has proofed to be quite a challenge. Especially remote management and KVM solutions like IPMI or IMM are sometimes buggy, usually hid away using VPN and I have my doubts about their understanding of strong cryptography ;)

Michael Ossmann on HackRF One, rad1o and SDR

A couple of weeks ago, at DefCon 23 in Las Vegas, I missed the chance to talk to Michael Ossmann. Luckily, he decided to join us at the Chaos Communication Camp in Germany a week later. Our official camp badge is a powerful Software-defined Radio (SDR) device based on the layout of Michaelā€™s famous HackRF One. Thanks to sponsors and the amazing work of your fellow Munich CCC hackers, we were able to release 4500 rad1o SDR devices into the hands of hackers and interested parties.