Project sixfw - Lessons Learned

tl;dr: I am closing the SIXFW project. It hurts, but having learned from it makes it easier. A bit over a year ago, at the Chaos Communication Congress 2015, I was part of the team responsible for the NAT64 part of the congress network. We usually used a commercial appliance to do the IPv6-to-IPv4 translation. Running super-expensive carrier equipment is at the heart of our operations, but whenever possible we like to deploy open-source software or equipment developed by the hacker community.

Joined Intelligence: The Machine in the Monkey...

Dan’s thoughts about the future co-existence of natural and artificial intelligence. Natural Intelligence Biological brains feature an unprecedented computing power while maintaining remarkable energy efficiency. This is a product of evolutionary trials and errors, mutation and natural selection, that took place over a timespan of hundreds of thousands of years. In mammalian brains, the evolution of the neocortex increased the voluntariness of actions, improving social harmony within the species and enabling the development of culture and technology.

Looping AIs (Siri, Alexa, Google Home)

There are plenty of videos showing how to trick Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google Home into an infinite loop. Some folks used calendar entries, others rely on the good old Simon says trick. Since we share our realm with at least four AIs (that we know of), my wife and I decided to level up in the looping game. It turns out, there are quite a few challenges to overcome when you want to integrate Siri or Cortana into the loop.

How to configure a WireGuard tunnel on OpenWrt using LuCi

[Update April 2017: I noticed people are still building configurations based on this outdated blog post. The way wireguard addresses interfaces in OpenWrt/LEDE has changed. Please consult a more recent blog post on the topic!] A couple of months ago I worked on a concept for a sophisticated, IPv6-only overlay network spanning multiple sites and various devices. It is part of a a long-term project, which means assessing not only current, but also future protocols was suitable.

Additional antennas for Turris Omnia

In an earlier post I mentioned the rather disappointing wifi signal strength of my Turris Omnia. Other users reported similar issues, so it looks like I am not the only one suffering. To put things into perspective: My router’s signal strength is about 75% compared to the previous COTS device (100%). Clearly, we are talking about #FirstWorldProblems here. 😢 It is still unclear why some devices remain under expectations. Is it a hardware issue?