As of today, I give away my book for free

IPv6-Workshop is the name of my book and the accompanying seminar series. It was first published in 2013 and was a category bestseller at Amazon Germany in 2014. Since June 2017, I give the ebook away for free and charge as little as Amazon allows me to for the printed version. My motivation is to help more people understand IPv6 and to speed up migration to the future Internet protocol.

A weird security policy!

A couple of months ago I had an interesting conversation with someone responsible for information security within a computer network related to national security of a large European state (which shall remain unnamed). When we hit the topic of link-layer security, that someone said something like: “In our networks, we enforce a VLAN (Virtual LAN) ID distance of 10 for security reasons! That is, VLAN ID 1 is reserved, the next valid VLAN ID is 11 and then 21 and so forth.

Year of the X Festival: IoT in less than a day!

Today I attended the Year of the X Innovation Festival and happened to sit in a workshop run by Iteratec titled IoT in less than a day. What I love about Year of the X festivals is, that there is a general you can touch this attitude to the workshops and demos. This workshop was no exception! The company sent a team of over five developers and designers. They brought all kind of sensors ranging from a motion detector to an ultra-sonic distance sensor.

My Design Jam Experiences

Yesterday, I joined the Munich Design Jam for the second time. Last time, hosted at IXDS Munich, I created an Alexa skill prototype for social and educational cooking with a team of strangers. This time the topic was Microsoft Hololens-assisted furniture assembly for millennials. Organized and lead by Rachel and Johannes and their team, it was once again an enriching and fun experience. The event was kindly hosted by Vectorform’s Munich office.

How to configure WireGuard on OpenWrt/LEDE using LuCi

A while ago, I simplified the way WireGuard interfaces are configured with in-tunnel IP addresses. So here is a new step-by-step guide on how to configure a WireGuard tunnel on OpenWrt/LEDE. WireGuard is a cryptokey routing protocol, or, as many refer to it a VPN. Guide For this guide I assume you run the latest snapshot of, let’s say LEDE. I will also assume that you have a basic understanding of WireGuard.