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SREcon Asia/Pacific 2019: Day One

Good Morning, Europe! Please enjoy my SREcon Asia/Pacific 2019 day one conference notes fresh out of the press from beautiful Singapore. This year I signed up for volunteering at the Google both and for serving as room co-captain at a couple of sessions. The reports will probably a bit shorter than last year’s.

The Organization, Culture, and Me (My Path to SRM)

I believe that seriously interviewing with an organization should be a two-way endeavor. The organization has an interview process in place that is designed around gathering signal from the candidate. Most organizations have worked out criteria that enable success within the organization’s culture, adhere to the organization’s values, support the organization’s mission, and respect the broader environment and market the organization operates in.

Writing my Resume (My Path to SRM)

I think the importance of a good resume during the overall application process is often underestimated. The resume will most likely be looked at by interviewers when they prepare the interview questions. It will be skipped through at times by a person and will be read in full by another person. It is also part of the hiring package, which contains all application-relevant data for the Hiring Committee. The resume is the one document that I was in full control of in regards to structure, layout, and information selection. A good resume is an important data point but a bad resume would probably not be the only deal breaker in a negative hiring decision. Nevertheless, I wanted to get this one right.

Am I Even Qualified? (My Path to SRM)

I wasn’t the smartest kid in school. I was either bored and making better use of my time in class or frustrated by things I did not understand. Even if I ignore my devastating track record of attempts in mastering the Latin language I was a below average student in terms of grades. During most, but not all, school years I made it to the next level.