Touching Production: Review and Change (Part 2)

Two weeks ago I wrote about touching production. I described how I prepared scripts and queries for a migration of image names. The images are stored in Cloud Storage and their object names are referred to in a relational database. I came up with three steps for the migration, all capable of being applied while the site continues to serve the images. Copy old storage objects to new storage objects.

Touching Production: What does that mean? (Part 1)

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day as an SRE. I usually reply that I touch production every day. But what does touching production even mean? Let me share the typical SRE task of preparation for touching production at eGym (the company I work for). The Problem Statement We have a product that allows users to create and upload images of a certain kind. Those images are stored in a bucket on Cloud Storage.

How To Write A Tiny Shell In C

I was wondering how complex some shells are. That got me thinking what a very minimal -but useable- shell would look like. Could I write one in less than 100 lines of code? Let’s see! A shell needs to execute commands. This can be done by overloading the current program with a new program and executing it (a lot more happens here, actually, but that is for another time). This can be done with the exec() family of functions.

SREcon Asia/Australia Day 3 (Report)

Last day of SREcon Asia 2018. Did I mention how important coffee is to get me started on a conference day? No? Coffee is much-needed. And the coffee here is great. ☕️😜 A word of warning: Today’s talks were packed with information. The report got very long. I apologize in advance! Interviewing for Systems Design Skills Sebastian Kirsch from Google Switzerland conducted over 200 interviews, was member of the hiring committee, and trained engineers in interviewing.

SREcon Asia/Australia Day 2 (Report)

Day two. The coffee is still great and still much needed. ☕️An evil twist by the kitchen crew: They changed places of the tea and the coffee dispenser.😳 A lot of jumping rooms today because the most interesting talks always happen in the other room, right? Keeps the blood flowing and after all, I am in the fitness industry. Automatic Data Center and Service Deployments Based on Capacity Planning Artifacts Xiaoxiang Jian from the Alibaba Group reported on the difficulties they faced with deploying data centers, including: